How did you come up with the idea?
We’re former athletes who’ve been through a plethora of equipment and balls, without ever giving much
thought to what happens to them at the end of each season. It got us thinking, where does old equipment
go, and how many balls and sports products end up in landfill? This sparked the concept of MVP,
because we want to create new life out of old products destined for landfill. With quality, style and
sustainability at the forefront of our mission, we’re celebrating new life where every individual imperfection
tells a story.

Where do you get your balls from?
Anywhere we can! We’ve accepted donations from schools, basketball clubs and hoopers who really
squeeze the juice out of their orange. We also had some special-edition balls collecting dust in storage
that would look great on display, but we hadn’t connected the dots on how to do that uniquely. Now, we

take all of these balls and work our magic on them to give you the fresh planters you see for sale today.
We see you, and we appreciate all donations that come our way. In addition, we’re looking to partner with
companies like Spalding and Wilson to get the freshest new balls for you to show in your homes.

Do you sell plants and balls, or just the ball?
In short, we can do both. We specialise in balls, but also understand that sometimes the finished product
is easier to receive, especially if it’s a gift. That’s why we do the hard work for you and provide the ball
and plant*, ready for you to hang or display. Plant selection will be subject to seasonal availability, but we
will carefully select a suitable plant for your needs.

Can I request a custom order?
You absolutely can. Whether you want to present a signed championship ball to your coach, or if you
have a limited edition ball signed by your favourite player that you want to display proudly (say hello to big
bragging rights). Even if it’s your first ball that helped you make the U12’s team – if you have a request,
we can fulfil it.

Do you deliver?
We can ship balls anywhere you want. Shipping plants has a range of difficulties, and we’d rather save
the integrity and life-span of the plant.
With that being said, for orders within metropolitan Melbourne, we can offer delivery for both balls and
plants. Shipping on orders outside of this area will be for balls only, complete with our 13mm plant pot,
ready for you to add your favourite plants.

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